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Mitsubishi Experience Calendar

Mitsubishi Performance offers a range of fantastic driving days at venues and places around the UK, many of which are outstanding value for money. Get out on the gritty Rally stage or cruise around the circuit road's straights and corners. We have a Mitsubishi experience day planned for you, from the EVO X to the Eclipse, along with dates and gift cards!

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Trackdays Calendar

152 Upcoming driving experiences available

Booking a Mitsubishi Experience Day

Mitsubishi driving days are an excellent gift for yourself or a special person on their birthday, Christmas, Father's Day, or even Valentine's Day.

Our gift cards at Driving Experience come with additional gift wrapping options at checkout to make the day much more special - plus, they offer you a lot of flexibility in terms of when and where you choose to drive an EVO X or Eclipse.

But don't forget that all of our experiences are refreshed in our Events calendars with new products from our suppliers on a regular basis, so if you see a date you want, you can book it right away.

Mitsubishi Driving Experiences

Do you want to drive one of the most famous sports cars in the world? Mitsubishi motors may be just what you're looking for. This Japanese automaker has produced some of our fleet's most efficient cars, which you can test at various locations around the UK.

On one of our many Supercar and Movie Car packs, you will get into the exciting EVO X on a rally stage or feel the turbo strength of an Eclipse on one of our many Supercar and Movie Car days.

Mitsubishi EVO X

Like many Japanese classics, the Mitsubishi EVO X (or Evolution X, to give it its full name) has always been a prominent rally car and is highly popular in the motorsports and tuning community. Whether you or someone you know wants to be the next Colin McRae, our rally driving day packages in an EVO X might be exactly what you need.

The EVO X is a car to remember, with 403 bhp and top speeds of over 155 mph.

Mitsubishi ECLIPSE

The Eclipse was one of the whips of choice for Brian O'Conner, portrayed by the late great Paul Walker, one of the most prominent silver screen motorsports lovers, in the long-running Fast and Furious films. Indeed, Paul Walker is credited with introducing a plethora of Japanese domestic market tuner cars to the West such as the Toyota Supra MK4, Nissan Skyline R34, and, indeed, the Mitsubishi Eclipse. The squad at TrackDays adores these Japanese legends' ferocity.

Our Fast and Furious Blast (3 mile) and Thrill (6 mile) packages involve time behind the wheel of the Eclipse, as well as up to five other notable cars from the film, including the Nissan R34 Skyline, Chevrolet Camaro SS, and Toyota Supra MK4.

Mitsubishi's Performance History

The Mitsubishi Evo isn't a car; it's a weapon - with a history that predates the nameplate itself. In its never-ending search to stick out from the crowd, Mitsubishi has turned to racing on several occasions. The 500 Super Deluxe was planned for rallying and was striving for rally glory as early as 1961.

In the early 1970s, Mitsubishi built the Lancer 1600GSR, which dominated the tough East African Safari Rally in 1974. The Paris-Dakar Rally was shredded by a Mitsubishi Pajero SUV (marketed as the Montero in the United States) in 1985.

The company had made it clear that advanced tech and toughness were important selling points for its vehicles all over the world. World rallying was the most technologically sophisticated racing series outside of Formula One.

Mitsubishi's first attempt to build a competitive World Rally Championship entry, the Galant VR-4, was designed to Group A regulations. It's an oversimplification, but the first Lancer Evolution (later known as the EVO) was essentially born here, by encasing the Galant VR-4's soul within the smaller Lancer body.

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