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2024 WRC Championship Preview

2024 WRC Championship Preview - News

As the roaring engines and swirling dust herald the arrival of the 2024 World Rally Championship (WRC) season, enthusiasts are bracing for another exhilarating ride this year.

With a myriad of changes, the championship promises a fresh narrative, setting the stage for intense rivalries and unpredictable outcomes. Let's delve deeper into the key storylines that will shape the 2024 WRC championship.

Hybrid Tech Takes Centre Stage

2024 marks a pivotal year in WRC car regulations, allowing non-hybrid Rally1 cars to compete. The move seeks to enhance accessibility and reduce costs while maintaining competitiveness. Non-hybrid cars will carry additional weight, challenging teams to strike a delicate balance between performance and efficiency.

Revamped Points System

Starting in 2024, the World Rally Championship (WRC) will implement a new points system to enhance the excitement on the final day of each rally weekend. Previously, drivers would sometimes take it easy on certain stages to save their tires for the Power Stage, which awards bonus points to the top five drivers with the fastest times.

From now on, championship points will be distributed in two stages, with rewards being given at the end of both Saturday and Sunday. However, a maximum of 30 points can still be awarded for a perfect rally.

The points awarded at the end of Saturday will be 18 for first place, 15 for second place, 13 for third place, and so on down to 1 point for tenth place. The points awarded at the end of Sunday will be 7 for first place, 6 for second place, 5 for third place, and so on down to 1 point for seventh place. The Power Stage remains unchanged, with the top five pairs scoring 5-4-3-2-1 points.

Toyota's Legacy Challenged

Toyota Gazoo Racing, having secured the last three manufacturers' championships, faces a unique challenge in 2024. The absence of Kalle Rovanperä, the reigning two-time, back-to-back champion who opted for a part-time schedule in 2024 alters the team dynamics slightly.

While Toyota has proven its depth with victories from multiple drivers, the realignment of power within the team could open avenues for contenders like Hyundai and M-Sport to assert themselves.
The Favourite's Dilemma: A New Era Unfolds

Rovanperä’s 2024 schedule came as a shock when it was announced, but the Finnish driver has outlined his intentions to use this time to widen his driving horizons in other disciplines. This strategic decision has ignited discussions among fans and experts alike, questioning the dynamics of the championship for 2024. 

Rovanperä's departure from full-time competition creates an intriguing power vacuum. While the Finnish prodigy remains a formidable contender – who will still be up there at the end of the year, seasoned rivals such as Thierry Neuville, Ott Tänak, and Elfyn Evans sense an opportunity to claim the throne.
  • Neuville: The Strategic Maestro
Thierry Neuville, a stalwart in the WRC, boasts a wealth of experience and strategic prowess. Having secured multiple podium finishes in recent years, Neuville's calculated approach and ability to navigate challenging terrains positions him as a serious title contender. The Belgian driver's familiarity with the nuances of the championship could prove instrumental in outmanoeuvring his adversaries.

  • Tänak: Unleashing Hyundai Motorsport
Ott Tänak, representing Hyundai in 2024, brings a new variable into the equation returning to Hyundai as Thierry Neuville’s teammate. Tänak's prowess, coupled with the capabilities of the i20 N WRC, positions him as a dark horse ready to disrupt the established order.

  • Evans: Ready to Seize the Moment
Elfyn Evans, a consistent podium finisher, is no stranger to the pressures of championship contention. Matching Rovanperä's win tally in the 2023 season, Evans showcased his ability to navigate diverse conditions. Now, with Rovanperä's absence in full-time competition, Evans will be eyeing the opportunity to claim the championship crown that has narrowly eluded him in the previous season.

What Else to Look Forward To: New Challenges and Fan Frenzy

Beyond the driver and team dynamics, the 2024 season introduces Rally Latvia and a revamped Rally Poland. Latvia, with its uncharted terrains, provides a unique challenge for drivers adapting to unfamiliar routes. Rally Poland's return in a faster and more challenging format promises a spectacle for fans. The fervour of the Baltic region and the historical significance of Poland add layers of excitement to the championship.

As the 2024 WRC championship unfolds, rally enthusiasts can brace themselves for a season teeming with uncertainties, rivalries, and ground-breaking innovations. From the strategic experience masterstrokes of Neuville to the technological advancements in hybrid tech, each element promises to contribute to a championship spectacle that meets this year’s expectations.

Buckle up, rally fans!

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23 January 2024

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