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Our Take On The FERRARI Film

Our Take On The FERRARI Film - News

In case you missed it, we have just launched an amazing special offer to drive the replica of the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa at one of six UK-wide venues. It's all to celebrate the inclusion of the genuine article (which sold for a whopping £50m at auction last year) in FERRARI, the hit Sky biopic telling the story of the Italian super marque's founder, Enzo Ferrari.

The film features Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari, a former racing driver who is struggling with his personal life and financial difficulties. Director Michael Mann is known for exploring the flaws of complex men, which makes him the perfect choice to portray the imperfections of Enzo Ferrari and his fast-paced lifestyle. The movie portrays Ferrari as a man who is never satisfied, constantly aware that he is only a split second away from disaster. It shows that his life is not just about luxury, but also the constant mental race that he runs within himself.

Enzo is being outclassed by the up-and-coming Maserati, and he is searching for a win, a way out of bankruptcy, a way to placate his embittered wife, and a way to acknowledge his mistress who has borne him a son. The film is set in 1957, when Enzo is approaching 60 and struggling to maintain his grip on the industry that he revolutionised. He is a hero in Italy, but behind the dark glasses is a ruthless genius who seeks counsel from his dead son.

The movie begins with an attempt to break a speed record, which Ferrari knows could be devastating for a company that is already battling bankruptcy. At this point, the Ferrari company is too focused on sports cars and not the production of vehicles that can be sold to keep it in business. The film explores an older man's reflection on his own legacy after losing an heir and gaining another that cannot be known publicly.

Although the film is watchable, it is a strange combination of brash and dour, rarely putting its pedal to the metal. It has some impressive and deafening race scenes, set in an extraordinary era when there was no safety for the crowds behind the straw bales or the drivers. However, the adrenaline truly comes to life only at the moments of pure horror, such as the death of a driver early on and later a tragedy involving four adults and five children.

However, experiencing the perfection of Ferrari is an unforgettable sensation that resonates deep within you. In the Mille Miglia, a gruelling 1,000-mile race, we are transported right into the driver's seat of the iconic red cars as they speed around busy corners and down treacherous open roads. It is equally mesmerising to witness the early days of motorsports, where pit stops lasted longer and the routes were far more dangerous. Like its predecessors, Ferrari underscores the cinematic quality of racing, which is both thrilling to watch and brutal to endure.

If you have ever dreamed of driving one of Ferrari's iconic cars or taking a spin in a Ferrari 250 Testarossa, you are in for a treat. You can now experience the thrill of driving the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa Movie Car, which is a timeless classic that classic Ferrari fans will recognize from the 'FERRARI' movie that premiered on Sky Cinema, starring Adam Driver and Angelina Jolie.

22 March 2024

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