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Bond left Fast and Furious in Movie Car driving experience battle

Bond left Fast and Furious in Movie Car driving experience battle - News

  • has pitted the James Bond franchise against the popular Fast and Furious series
  • A bond like no other… Triple Aston Martin Blast Experience proves popular, accounting for 10% of movie car bookings
  • But Fast and Furious took the movie car crown, attracting 12% of bookings

With blockbuster season now in full swing, here at Driving Experience, we've decided to point the Goldfinger at the cars of agent 007, James Bond, and the racers of Fast and Furious, to see which of our two most popular Famous Movie Cars Experiences is the biggest hit with fans.

Booking data has revealed that while it's a very close battle – with just 2% separating them in sales for the year to date - it is Fast and Furious that takes the chequered flag in the battle of the film franchises, leaving 007 to the fate of the furious. Our Five Fast and Furious Blast with High Speed Passenger Ride accounted for approximately 12% of all the provider's Movie Car bookings year to date.

That equates to two bookings for every one made for the Triple Aston Martin Blast with High Speed Passenger Ride experience, which gives film buffs and petrol heads alike the chance to get behind the wheel of three Aston Martins, including a stylish V8 Vantage, as seen in Pierce Brosnan's 'Die Another Day', which accounts of 10% of yearly sales to date.

Dan Jones, operations manager at, says: "While James Bond may boast the gadgets, villains and exotic locations - as well as the world class Aston Martins - it is unsurprising that fans have flocked to our Fast and Furious offering."

"The series is full of iconic vehicles, many of which are the centrepoint of some of the most memorable scenes from the movies. These include Paul Walker's emotional final scene in the seventh iteration, and the Toyota Supra, the vehicle that sealed the bond between Brian and Dom at the conclusion of the original film."

Visit our Famous Movie Cars Experiences page today on the Driving Experience website to book from available dates on our Famous Movie Cars Experiences Calendar or purchase one of our open Gift Vouchers.

20 July 2022

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