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How to Get Started with Booking a Junior Driving Experience

How to Get Started with Booking a Junior Driving Experience - News

There’s something that seems a little crazy about letting someone under the age of 17 behind the wheel. When you really start to think about it, it feels like a disaster waiting to happen. Without a licence under their belt, or never having driven a car before, how can they expect to control a Supercar around a racetrack?

We get it, it seems a little ambitious at first. But actually, it not only exposes young drivers to a new experience, but can give them a handy head start of learning the basics before they start lessons later in life. Here's hoping that once they experience the power that a Ferrari or a Lamborghini has, they will be less likely to be over enthusiastic with the gas pedal once they become a full licence holder.

Aside from being a learning experience like no other, it’s also a lot of fun and a perfect way to treat a youngster if they’ve done well in a recent exam or have a birthday coming up. With the range of Junior Driving Experiences available, it can feel a little overwhelming to know where to start, but we’ll get you clued up in no time.

  • About Junior Driving

You might be thinking it’s a little bonkers that someone between the ages of 10 - 17 can’t practise driving a car on public roads, but yet they can get behind the wheel of a Supercar. However, it makes perfect sense.

This is because all Junior Drivers sit alongside an expert instructor if you opt for a Supercar Experience, and these are usually in automatic cars. As well as being on a track and not public roads, there’s very little chance of accidents happening. All they have to think about is stop and go, and enjoy the thrill of traveling in a Supercar.

If you’re looking to give a Young Driver a headstart with their driving lessons, but think you have to wait until they are 17 - you’re wrong. But a lot of people make this mistake.

Although in the UK you have to be 17 with a provisional licence to learn and drive on public roads, with Junior Driving Lessons, this isn’t the case. As long as you are between the ages of 10 - 17, you’re good to go with a qualified instructor. So now you’ve got the lowdown on Junior Driving, here’s how to start booking.

  • Decide on a Location

Luckily, we have Junior Driving Experiences available up and down the country, so you’re bound to find a location close to you. If you’re near Kent, a great place to start is at Lydden Hill Circuit, near Canterbury.

This venue is known for its range of Supercar Junior Driving Experiences and has a huge range of packages on offer. You can even check the availability here in real time with the handy Calendar tool

Not too far from Kent in Essex is North Weald Airfield near Epping, which has an extensive range of Young Driver lessons as well as customisable Supercar Experiences. Just off the M11, this venue is a convenient location for anyone from London and the South East.

A little bit further afield, at the Warden Law Motorsports Centre, is Sunderland Circuit in the North East. It is an excellent facility which provides many Junior Driving Experiences where youngsters can enjoy a ride in a Supercar or High Speed Passenger Rides.

Locations for Junior Driving don’t just stop there, however, as there are venues up and down the country. Luckily, we’ve made it easy to find them wherever you are in the UK, as you can search via region using the convenient menu just on the left.

Whether your home is in the Midlands, Scotland or South Wales, there’s bound to be a location where you can build your dream Junior Driving experience from.

  • Decide on a Package

Once you’ve found the location of your dreams all you have left to do is decide on a Supercar or Driving Lesson experience.

Both have their merits but all our experiences for Young Drivers will give them a welcome break from the pressures of school or being stuck inside staring at their phone screens. With fun and learning guaranteed, there’s benefits to take away from each.

Simply use our handy filters on the Junior Driving Experience page to select what type of package you want, and what location suits you best.

Junior Driving is bound to feel like a good idea now that you know the rules and what’s available. So why not get the kids clued up on driving in our range of exciting and informative experiences.

25 April 2024

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