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Duke of London: the perfect place to take a classic car enthusiast

Duke of London: the perfect place to take a classic car enthusiast - News

The Duke of London might possibly be one of the most unique pizzerias we have ever seen here at Driving Experience, but we love it nonetheless! Now, we are all impartial to a good bit of Italian Dough every now and then, but the added bonus with this restaurant is that it won’t just be the pizza that you’re sampling; you’ll also get the opportunity to see some absolutely incredible Classic Cars at the same time.

Now, if that entire concept doesn’t tickle your fancy then we’re not quite sure what will! Their in house pizzeria, Santa Maria, is incredibly popular - almost as much so as some of the classics and supercars they have on offer. Whilst you’re at the Duke of London Hub, you can take a look at iconic vehicles such as the Renault Clio Williams II, which happens to be extremely rare as it’s only one of two right hand drive Clios of that era.

Alongside this, there are a number of other popular vehicles that any car enthusiast would love to check out in further detail. One of these would include The iconic 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback, fully restored to its original condition. This iconic vehicle is one of the most stunning to ever grace the roads and not only can you see this car in person, but it’s on sale too.

This Car Dealership is arguably one of the most unique and popular in the world. It houses everything from Old Campervans, to a supercar showroom, all the way to old school Muscle Cars. The range of classics on offer at this location is truly spectacular and will prick the ears of anyone that gets the slightest bit excited by the prospect of seeing history behind the wheel.

We should mention as well, that if you’re looking to take the opportunity to get behind the wheel of one of these classics, that is not possible. But it is absolutely do-able on one of our many Classic Car Experiences. Whether you’re looking to take a Jaguar or MG Midget out for a spin on the tracks or you’d prefer a countryside tour, we have it all available here at Driving Experience.

We clearly share our love for classic cars with the Owner himself, Merlin McCormick, who has said although he has access to a range of high powered supercars, he prefers the classic instead and would much rather drive around in one of those. This level of passion for classics is beautiful to see and is no doubt why his mechanical engineering skills have become so desired. The next time you are in London, make sure to sample some of Santa Maria’s finest and go and check out what this incredible car dealership has to offer. We promise you won’t regret it!

08 April 2021

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