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Experience of the Month - April 2021

Experience of the Month - April 2021 - News

Experience of the Month - April 2021

We’re at the end of April already, and with the sun shining and the first May Bank Holiday upon us, it is time again to give a big shout out to our best performing Driving Experience for this month - and unsurprisingly - it’s the Ferrari 458 Italia Blast.

We would be tired of Ferrari always being at the top of everybody’s supercar aspirations - if it wasn’t simply so incredible.

Enzo Ferrari once said - the Ferrari is a dream. He’s certainly not wrong - and owning it will likely remain a dream for most of us.

If you don’t want to wait to make that dream come true - Driving Experience offers you the chance to get behind the wheel of this iconic car for as little as £89. Even better this deal is currently showing a 40% saving from an RRP of £149!

So what does this get you? Well quite simply you get to experience 562 bhp; 3.3 second 0 - 60 mph; and if you are particularly brave maybe even a top speed of 202 mph - all in the luxurious comfort of the Ferrari 458 Italia. You will be accompanied by an expert instructor and drive the dream for 3 miles at any one of the top race tracks that we represent. These instructors specialise in getting you to a level of motoring performance that you would never thought you could achieve!

We also recommend purchasing an additional high-speed passenger ride - the instructors really know what they are doing and it’s worth experiencing what a supercar like the Ferrari 458 Italia can do in the hands of an expert. Hold on tight!

We have dates available as early as 4th May for this very experience! At premium venues across the UK like Bovingdon Airfield in Hertfordshire; Prestwold Hall in Leicestershire; Blyton Park in Lincolnshire; Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey - and many many more. Just use our Ferrari Calendar to see exactly what is available. A Ferrari track day is going to feel like nothing else.

You can either view our Events Calendar for the Ferrari 458 Italia Blast and book directly onto a forthcoming date of your choice at a venue near you, or you can purchase an open gift voucher to surprise a loved one or treat yourself with, which also offers greater flexibility to be used and redeemed at a time to suit you! Terms apply.

The Ferrari 458 Italia

The former president of Ferrari - Luca di Montezemolo - when shown the prototype for the 458 said that it is the perfect car to represent Italian motoring. The style; speed; power; and looks all culminate in it being called the Italia - this is Italy’s car.

The World is unspeakably grateful for Italian supercars - imagine society without Ferrari; Lamborghini; Bugatti; Pagani; Maserati. Not to mention that Italy is definitely one of the Global motorsports hubs.

Michael Schumacher had a lot of input in the cabin - everything is within easy reach of the driver so you can focus on the road - which you definitely should be doing in a Ferrari. Schumacher wanted the 458 to feel like Formula 1 when you are the pilot - and being one of the most decorated racers in history we imagine he knows what he is talking about.

Enzo Ferrari apparently said about his cars - “Drive it like you stole it” - if you say so Mr. Ferrari.

Other Ferrari Experiences

We have all the Ferrari’s you could possibly want to drive - just head to our Ferrari Driving Experiences section. You can experience the Ferrari 430 at Silverstone; the classic Ferrari 348 TS; the Ferrari 360; the Ferrari 360 Stradale; and the Ferrari California.

We would love to be able to offer a driving experience in the Ferrari Enzo - but with only around 30 in the World it is just too rare, but hey - we can dream!

30 April 2021

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