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New campaign spearheading push for affordable EVs

New campaign spearheading push for affordable EVs - News

Although 2030 seems like a lifetime away at the moment, given the speed at which the decade has progressed so far (even two years and a month in) it will come around quicker than we think.

For the UK Government's promises to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vehicles in the UK when that year hits, it means the countdown is on - and so too, is the countdown to addressing some of the trickier issues surrounding such a target being met.

A new campaign has now been started by Quentin Wilson, the motoring journalist, transport campaigner and electric car advocate (and former host of BBC motoring show Top Gear) that aims to lobby for addressing and proactively tackling how to make electric vehicles accessible to all with FairCharge.

One of its key objectives is to deal with the current UK Government policy which means that those EV owners who don't currently have access to their own charging facility at home currently have to pay up to four times more for the power in their vehicle from on-street charging points.

Writing on the FairCharge website, Wilson highlighted that such a policy is not only "illogical" but that it would also "hinder EV take-up … If we don't push towards electrification now, the UK could lose out on trillions of pounds in economic activity, millions of jobs, the opportunity for huge social regeneration - and critically - the ability to retain our vital motor industry that will otherwise move overseas to other countries with both battery production and government support."

Admittedly, in the current debate surrounding green alternatives to fuel for cars, it is still early days. But Wilson has touched on a very valid point that in order for progression to be made, both investment from the Government and consultation with the wider automotive industry and movements like FairCharge into policy making surrounding this will be needed to ensure that targets are successfully met and that no one is left behind in the switchover eight years hence.

Visit the FairCharge website to find out more about the campaign. Visit our Young Driver Training page today on the Driving Experience website to book one of our 30 or 60 Minute Automatic Young Driver Experiences for 10 - 17 year olds, or visit our Tesla Experiences page to book an electric Tesla P90D Experience at our Bovingdon Airfield venue.

28 January 2022

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