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Pothole Chaos Looming On Roads Amid Cold Snap

Pothole Chaos Looming On Roads Amid Cold Snap - News

  • Driving expert warns UK motorists to be extra vigilant of potential potholes as a result of heavy rain followed by the current cold snap
  • Plummeting temperatures means there could be more than just ice for motorists to worry about on Britain's deteriorating road surfaces, now estimated at a record £14 billion to repair
  • Department for Transport (DfT) data shows a shocking 5,761 collisions have been recorded in the last decade as a result of defective road surfaces with 91 fatalities

In the midst of plummeting temperatures following the wet weather conditions, a leading driving expert has warned UK motorists to be even more alert to the presence of potholes on the roads.

With most of the UK still recovering from an extremely wet start to 2024, the incoming cold snap could result in new potholes appearing on Britain's deteriorating roads which following record level local budget shortfalls last year, the cost of the backlog of repairs is up to £14 billion - the highest it has been*.

Furthermore, the latest Department for Transport (DfT) data suggests the true risks to road safety, revealing there has been a shocking 5,761 collisions recorded, with 91 fatalities, as a result of defective road surfaces from 2013 to 2022.

Dan Jones, operations manager at the UK's leading provider of driving experiences and driver tuition,, says: "The unsettled wet weather which covered the UK over the last few weeks has meant many of our roads are extremely saturated right now."

"The UK's roads are a mess, with an estimated six potholes every mile, and as the cold spell comes in we expect frozen water will increase the number of new potholes occurring due to the water expansion when it freezes meaning drivers must be extra alert to potholes and the significant road safety threats they present."

Potholes generally occur when water enters cracks in a road's surface by loosening the layers underneath. Road traffic will then cause further damage to the loose material. However, during cold spells the freezing temperatures accelerate this process due to the water expanding when it freezes.

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* - SOURCE: Asphalt Industry Alliance
10 January 2024

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