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The First Love Cars Of The Driving Experience Office

The First Love Cars Of The Driving Experience Office - News

Your first love is always one most people can recall, especially if it's a car! As Valentine's Day shoots its way back onto our calendars, we asked a couple of our loved-up staff members what car first stole their hearts.

Can you remember your first car love? Was it an unrequited love you've never shaken or are you the type to fall in love over and over again when a shiny new car comes your way? From Lamborghinis to Volkswagen Campers, love comes in all shapes and sizes in the Driving Experience Office.

  • Dan Jones – Operations Manager

When you're young, there is always a spark that ignites a passion for something which never dies, and for me, it was when I first saw the Lamborghini Diablo.

Like many other kids, who would save up their pocket money to buy posters that they would plaster over all available space in their bedroom, I distinctly remember the day I finally earned enough to get my hands on a poster of the Diablo.

I think that the Diablo is one of the quintessential supercars that most kids who love cars think of when they're young. Maybe I went for the Diablo at the time because it was so futuristic in comparison to whatever else was out at the time.

Oh – there was another car I remember as well. KITT from Knight Rider. I remember I used to pretend to drive it by using a plate as a steering wheel but using my red brake lights from my bike on the front of the sofa to replicate that distinct look.

  • Alex MacGregor – Creative Content Manager

It is safe to say that music has influenced my life in many ways. My love affair with VW Camper vans can be traced back to my teenage years, when one of my favourite bands, McFly, released their debut album, Room On The 3rd Floor, in 2004. It was then that I took an interest.

On the back cover artwork, they're all sat at the rear of a bright red 1965 split screen VW Camper parked up on a beach, which visually, tied in so neatly to the sound of that first album, which was all Beach Boys style harmonies and 60s surf rock vibes.

I guess my love of VW Campers then - which still continues today - and what they represent, not just for me but for many other V Dub lovers, is shared with the qualities I hold dear; a free spirit, classic, timeless beauty, adventure and exploration.

  • Beth Webb – Creative Content Writer

I remember my first love clearly, and know it is a car that many true petrol heads out there will have also fallen for when they first laid eyes on it: The Nissan GTR.

While others may have gone for a Porsche 911 or Aston Martin Vantage, the Nissan GTR was very unique in my eyes – it had all the performance capabilities of the other coupes it would fit into the bracket of competing with.

However, while its shape and size are aggressive, I love how it doesn't follow the suit of the others – offering an alternative look and feel. I am lucky enough to have driven one, and it was one of the most exciting drives I have done. The aim is to make one mine someday!

  • Gary Purvis – Social Media Editor

Love started young for me, and I set my eyes on getting hold of my prize as soon as I passed my driving test.

While others may go for the flashy supercars or coupes, for me, it was the Fiat X1/9 that stole my heart. Maybe it was the style of it, after all, it was designed by one of the greatest car designers, Marcello Gandini, the man behind the Lamborghini Countach!

I think it was the fact that it had that sports car feel to it, and when you're young you set your eyes on what you feel is realistic. This is a shame, as unfortunately I was unable to get my hands on one during my first-ever car search, and had to plump for the Fiat Strada instead(!)

What was your first love car? Perhaps it's one of the ones we offer for Driving Experience days right across the UK? Visit our Driving Experiences page today to start booking for your next drive in your dream car through dates on our Events Calendar or purchase of our open Gift Vouchers.

09 February 2024

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