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Top Five Car Stunts That Leapt Onto Our Silver Screens

Top Five Car Stunts That Leapt Onto Our Silver Screens - News

As the Oscar season rolls in, it is time for Driving Experience to roll out the red carpet and look at five impressive car stunts that both car fans and film buffs can appreciate for their audacity and execution.

Compiling this list was a difficult task due to the vast number of well-executed scenes filmed with precision by some of the most talented stunt performers in the industry. Although actors often receive the majority of recognition during awards season, we must acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the entire crew behind the scenes who ensure the success of these stunts.

1. John Wick 2 – Opening Car Scene

John Wick has garnered a devoted fan base over the years due to the daring nature of the action films. Instead of relying on computer-generated imagery (CGI), the films feature authentic-looking action and stunts performed by real people. The collection of cars used in all the movies is also impressive. However, the opening scene of John Wick 2 is particularly noteworthy and deserves a spot on our shortlist.

Wick's 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 was one of the catalysts that brought him back into the assassin world (we still can't talk about the puppy), so it was right for the next movie to pick up with the car taking centre stage.

Keanu Reeves was at the wheel for most of the scene, such is his involvement with the stunt teams, but the sideways jump through the warehouse door was most impressive. The wet ground, the surrounding steel pillars, and the accuracy required to execute the sideways jump were the crowning moments that impressed us the most.

2. Baby Driver – Opening Car Scene

It seems there is a tried and tested formula to get us petrol heads engaged with your movie: Start it off with a car scene!
The exposition allows the viewers to witness the talents of Baby's driving prowess by pulling together a host of different technical moves through the streets of Atlanta.

However, the scene in which he performed a tight drift around a motorhome, followed by a slide through two reversing trucks on a wet surface, was visually stunning.

There were several impressive technical stunts within this movie, making it a worthwhile addition to our list.

3. Dark Knight – Truck Flip

The Batman trilogy, directed by Christopher Nolan, is an absolute masterpiece. Among the many spectacular scenes in the films, the truck flip in Batman Begins stands out and makes it to our list for its sheer brilliance, not to mention the high stakes involved.

Nolan had made a point that he wanted the Batman movies to be grounded in real-life physics to help its believability – and having recently viewed the film again, the minimal use of CGI has contributed to helping this movie age well.

With that in mind, the truck flip was performed in the middle of Chicago's busy banking district. A piston was fitted to the bottom of the truck, which, when detonated, would stop the cabin instantly and catapult its trailer into the air.

The calculations had to be spot on to ensure it was only the trailer which sustained heavy damage, otherwise a hefty bill would have come their way.

4. Man with the Golden Gun – Corkscrew Flip

The first of two James Bond movies to feature on our list is the corkscrew flip in Man with the Golden Gun.

The world's most famous 00 agent is widely recognized for his penchant for driving around in stunning cars, which often end up in the scrap heap following a breathtaking car chase scene. It's ironic that one of his most famous car scenes is also in one of the franchise's lowest-rated films.

With stunt driver Loren Willert behind the wheel and the assistance of multiple computer simulations to help him approach it at exactly the right angle, he launched himself over the destroyed bridge. The 270-degree roll was captured in just one shot! Just ignore the low-quality special effects when viewing this impressive stunt.

5. Casino Royale – DBS Barrel Rolls

Finally, we get to Daniel Craig's first outing as James Bond in the gritty Casino Royale. The film was a breath of fresh air for the franchise and the start of a darker turn for the Bond series.

Upon chasing down the kidnappers of Vesper Lynne, Bond was forced to take evasive manoeuvres and swerve to avoid her as she suddenly appeared, hogtied, in the middle of the road.

With the assistance of an incredibly courageous stunt driver, a metal ram punched its way out of the bottom of the car resulting in a Guinness Book of Records, Record-breaking seven rolls. Unfortunately, this left the Aston Martin DBS in a very unfortunate condition.

If our top picks of driving stunts on the big screen have inspired the daredevil side of you, you can visit our Stunt Driving Experiences page today on the Driving Experience website to book some seriously high-octane stunt driving experiences. To book, simply take a look through our available dates on our Stunt Driving Experiences Calendar or through the purchase of our open Gift Vouchers!

16 February 2024

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