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Reduction in road fatalities stalls but track action offers alternative approac

Reduction in road fatalities stalls but track action offers alternative approac - News

  • Newly released Department for Transport statistics show reduction in road deaths has stalled
  • More improvement needed in reducing traffic fatalities over the last decade
  • All options should be considered, such as increased awareness of young driver training and skid control

An increased awareness of young driver training, skid control experiences and even stunt driving and drifting – all of which aim to improve handling and control – could help reduce the number of UK road deaths.

Indeed,, which itself offers a number of packages aimed specifically at improving confidence and technique behind the wheel, is leading industry calls for a wider variety of driver training options to be highlighted by road safety experts and considered by motorists.

It follows the release by the Department for Transport of the provisional figures for the number of reported road deaths in 2019, which stand at 1,748 compared to 1,784 the year before.

While it is a slight drop, more worryingly, it signifies eight years of no significant reduction in deaths on UK roads.

However, the driving experience provider is keen to point out, that as part of its commitment to improving road safety, that drivers, even children as young as 10, can hone their driving skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Alex MacGregor at said: “On the surface, it appears a radical suggestion that stunt driving and drifting could help improve road safety, but driving skills learnt on the track can pay dividends in a real world driving emergency.

“More specifically, skid control experiences, where drivers learn the basics of controlling a skid, plus young driver training, where children as young as 10 years old can learn basic driving techniques alongside an instructor, and are aimed directly at improving driver performance with an emphasis on safe driving.”

Encouragingly though, figures released by show an increase in bookings for young driver training as they grew by 25% in 2019 compared to 2018, the same comparable period to the Department for Transport figures.

Alex added: “While an increase in bookings for young driver training bodes well for the future, we would encourage an even greater emphasis on the importance of learning to drive from a very young age when good practices can be instilled ahead of a life on the road.”

05 August 2020

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