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Britain's Fastest Roads Revealed

Britain's Fastest Roads Revealed - News

  • 28 sections of link roads in the UK clock average speeds above 70 mph, with the majority of these being in the south west of the country
  • Department for Transport average speed data reveals one particular section of the A30 clocked average speeds of 79 mph in 2022
  • Leading driving experience provider calls on motorists to consider whether excessive speeding is worth the risks involved for all

Britain's fastest roads have been revealed, with 28 different sections of the country's roads clocking in average speeds above 70 mph.

Research from the Department for Transport (DfT) also reveals the stretch of road which has the quickest average speed, with the A30 westbound within the A3058 junction having average speeds hitting an astonishing 79 mph, 12% above the national speed limit on a dual carriageway.

Another section of the A30, eastbound at a minor junction between A389 near Bodmin and A395, also found itself in the top five average speed sections, with 73.9 mph. In fact, the A30 and the road that joins it, the A303, both feature four times in the top five link roads identified.

The A46 southbound at a minor junction between A606 and A6006 in Nottinghamshire was the final link road in the top five with motorists clocking in an average of 8% over the speed limit for a dual carriageway at 76 mph.

In total, 11 roads in the southwest of England had average speeds of over 70 mph, far ahead of the other regions identified, meaning more people are being put at risk in Cornwall, Somerset and Devon.

We have analysed the data here at Driving Experience HQ, looking at the average speed, delay and reliability of travel times on England's strategic road network.

The news comes at a time when Devon and Cornwall Police have embarked on a clamp down in the region following a recent rise in detecting cars travelling over 100 mph since the start of 2023.

Dan Jones, Operations manager at, says: "Speed limits are put in place for the safety of the general public and it is concerning to see 28 sections of the UK's critical link network showing us data like this."

"We have over 30 million vehicles on our roads, and everyone wants to make sure that they get to their destinations safely; it isn't worth risking it by driving at such excessive speeds."

"Not only are you putting yourself at risk, but you must consider other motorists as well as those who may be working on maintaining these busy roads."

"If you want to drive fast because you enjoy the thrill of it, then go on a race track where conditions are safer and you're less at risk of putting yourself or others in harm's way."

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19 April 2023

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