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How the Bentley Continental GTC kept Bentley alive

How the Bentley Continental GTC kept Bentley alive - News

It’s no secret that the iconic luxury car brand Bentley is one of the recognsiable vehicles to grace the modern British roads. The vehicles are arguably the epitome of a driving experience that stands out amongst the rest, for its level of class, affluence and elegance. 

However, the Bentley that we now know and adore, was once close to being a distant memory for many driving enthusiasts. Just before Volkswagen took control of Bentley in 1997, they were building under 1,000 cars a year, so what would the mass-producing manufacturer bring to the table? Well, the answer is a resounding amount of power when it comes to manufacturing. 

The anticipation for the Continental GT was enormous, and the hype behind the luxury vehicle’s return was abundantly clear, when over 3,200 people put down deposits for the vehicle before it had even been released! Volkswagen clearly leveraged this information, and in the first year alone they had sold 6,896 vehicles. 

The Bentley Continental GT’s sleek new coupe look, combined with its sheer power of a twin turbo 6 litre W12 engine, and 552 bhp, had car enthusiasts rubbing their hands together in unadulterated glee at the prospect of getting behind the wheel of this luxury car. 

The first generation of the Continental GT would go on to manufacture over 40,000 models and be seen as one of their most successful vehicles ever. The shining success of the GT meant that ultimately, Bentley successfully retained their place atop the throne when it comes to luxury. 

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Without the Bentley Continental GT, it is more than conceivable that we’d merely have seen the brand fade into history books along with other British suppliers. However, instead we saw the brand prosper and move into the 21st century. It was the model that saved Bentley’s workforce, and would be the catalyst to helping them progress into arguably the most successful and well known luxury car brand worldwide. 

09 October 2020

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