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This is how much it really costs to drive a Ferrari

This is how much it really costs to drive a Ferrari - News

  • Accelerating out of control… supercar running costs reach new heights amid rising price of fuel
  • A Ferrari 360 could cost motorists up to £7,500 a year to keep on the road
  • Brits need not worry, with offering cheap Ferrari thrills to beat the petrol pumps

New research we've conducted here at Driving Experience HQ has laid bare the eye-watering amount of money required to keep high profile supercars running, with the cost of ownership reaching almost £7,500 a year for models such as the Ferrari 360.

The average cost of fuel, insurance and tax for the Ferrari comes to almost £4,950, with an extra £2,500 needed for routine servicing and maintenance costs to keep it on the road. And it doesn't end there, with the Ferrari 360 costing motorists a huge £155 to fill the tank as fuel prices hit record highs.

The low miles per gallon (mpg) of just 17.1 miles, coupled with the average annual mileage of road users clocking in at 7,400 miles, means the Ferrari would cost £3,544 a year on fuel alone.

The average insurance of a 2006 Ferrari 360 (based on a 30-year-old driving up to 10,000 miles a year) comes in at £1,037, which is twice as high as a brand-new hatchback, such as a Volkswagen Golf. Depending on the provider, motorists could even face insurance premiums of up to £5,000. Annual tax is similarly steep, with the Ferrari costing £360 for 12 months - £200 more than the Volkswagen.

Despite these figures, the popularity of these vehicles has only been growing, with more people looking for ways to experience the thrill of a supercar, without the responsibility of the high cost of ownership. At Driving Experience, we've seen a 22% increase in sales on our Ultimate Ferrari History Driving Experience package, compared to last year.

Alex MacGregor at, commented: "With the price of petrol in the UK reaching record highs in recent months, it's no wonder that the cost of running a highly powered machine, such as a Ferrari 360, is becoming too worrisome for some supercar enthusiasts."

"Although the soaring prices make it daunting to drive a supercar on our roads, more enthusiasts are finding ways to enjoy the sheer speed and acceleration of these incredible cars, without having to worry about filling up at the pumps."

"You don't have to break the bank to feel the exhilarating sensation of controlling a 200 mph supercar, and our selection of Ferrari experiences would certainly ease the stress of an imminent trip to the petrol station, as well as letting you enjoy your dream car that you've always wanted to drive!"

Visit our Supercar Experiences page today on the Driving Experience website to find great value supercar driving packages to book from available dates on our Supercar Experiences Calendar or purchase one of our open Gift Vouchers to use towards the experience of your choice!

29 June 2022

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