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All-new supercar selector…the greatest ‘pick ‘n’ mix’ ever!

All-new supercar selector…the greatest ‘pick ‘n’ mix’ ever! - News

  • Forget sweets, this is the ultimate ‘pick ‘n’ mix’
  • Users can choose a range of supercar options including how many to drive and for how long
  • New online tool developed by, one of the UK’s newest experience providers

A new online tool has been launched which allows thrill-seekers to ‘pick ‘n’ mix’ their favourite supercar experience.

The ground-breaking ‘Supercar Selector’ gives users a range of options, from deciding how many supercars to drive, how long to drive them and whether on a weekday or at the weekend.

Visitors using the new tool at have the opportunity to get behind the wheel in a range of supercars including Ferraris, Porsches, Lamborghinis, McLarens or Aston Martins.

The Supercar Selector is also incredibly easy to use. In just four clicks it will recommend the supercar package to suit the user’s requirements, while showing the best possible deal.

Alex MacGregor at, one of the UK’s newest driving experience providers, said: “Variety is the spice of life and our new Supercar Selector lets thrill-seekers live out their wildest supercar fantasies thanks to a range of different options."

“Users can choose from one to six supercars to enjoy, while also selecting when they want to experience their adrenaline packed thrills. There’s even the option to decide on how long to put pedal-to-the-metal for and to upgrade to a high-speed passenger ride.”

Meanwhile, recent research by found that Lamborghini was by far the most popular make of car that customers wanted to drive.

Representing some of the pinnacle of Italian engineering, Lamborghini models received almost 1-in-6 bookings even though there are in excess of 20 supercar makes to choose from.

Alex added: “Our fleet includes amazing supercars which are capable of speeds around 200 mph, so deciding which package to go for is the hardest part of the experience!"

“However, we’ve seen through our voucher sales that Brits are gearing up to live life in the fast-lane as our premium packages, driving a variety of exotic models, are proving the most popular.”

02 June 2020

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