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Looking back at our biggest new driving experiences of 2021

Looking back at our biggest new driving experiences of 2021 - News

In just a matter of hours, we'll be saying goodbye to 2021 and welcoming in a New Year, with 2022. But before we do so, we thought it only right to pause and take a moment to look back on some of the incredible new driving experiences we've brought you here on Driving Experience in the past 12 months…

Way back in January, we unveiled a brand new range of three exclusive premium end driving days at Bovingdon Airfield in the last working EJ12 Formula Jordan chassis, as driven by Takuma Sato and Giancarlo Fisichella during the 2002 Formula 1 World Championships.

This however has proven to be the most popular and bestselling of the lot, not only with you, our customers, but it also received widespread acclaim from the motoring press, from the team at BBC Top Gear, to national papers including the Daily Mirror and the Daily Star.

It's the closest experience we offer to driving a bonafide Formula 1 car, so why not book an open dated voucher today and see for yourself what all the excitement is for?

With the arrival of Father's Day in June, we added perhaps the most appropriately titled set of experiences to date to our site, when we introduced our new range of "Drive Dad's Car" Classic Car experiences at the Ambergate Car Museum up at Derwent Works in Derbyshire.

Available in Classics, Premium Classics and Luxury Classics lines, the chance to drive up to three iconic heritage kings of the road, including the Austin Metro, the Hillman Imp, the Triumph TR7, the Mini Cooper S, the Jaguar XJS and the Rolls Royce was on offer.

Not only that, but all the Drive Dad's Car experiences included free admission to the incredible Great British Car Journey exhibition. So whether it's your dad's car from your childhood, your first set of wheels you drove after passing your test or even a classic you've long had hopes on getting to drive, there's something on offer for everyone with this unique driving day.

Relaunched with a new name and updated sights and attractions back in August, our range of admissions to the Silverstone Interactive Museum have proved to be one of our fastest growing new experiences we've seen this year, and we're pleased to say that we saw very strong sales for it over the Christmas period in particular.

Available in tickets for one, for two or for a family of four, this totally immersive and interactive exhibition is 2 hours long and offers the opportunity to see some iconic Formula 1 winning cars up close and personal, but also the chance to trace the circuit's historic corners on an outdoor walking trail, learn more about the science and technology behind Grand Prix winning wheels and enjoy a 360° cinema experience from the late great Murray Walker.

We've got every confidence that this unique exhibition is going to go on to become one of our most consistent year-round sellers since our Young Driver experiences were added. 2022 admission dates will be available for the Museum soon, so make sure you book your open voucher today to be first in line to redeem yours!

From all of us at Driving Experience, we wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for all your custom and support in 2021. Don't forget for all our very latest and just added driving experience packages to check in on the New Experiences page of our website!

30 December 2021

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