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More youngsters learning to drive at very young age

More youngsters learning to drive at very young age - News

Road ahead…more youngsters learning to drive at very young age

  • More children, some aged just 10, are learning to drive for real
  • Research shows 25 per cent increase in bookings for young driver experiences
  • Skills taught include accelerating, braking and reversing advises

Latest research shows that an increasing number of young Brits, some aged just 10 years old, are learning to drive to help prepare them for their driving test.

The findings from show that bookings for young driver training experiences, which take place in a safe and controlled environment away from open roads, grew by 25 per cent in 2019 compared to 2018.

And it would appear that learning to drive from a young age can help, as statistically 17-year olds, the youngest age at which drivers can take a driving test in the UK, are the most likely to pass their driving test.

Alex MacGregor at said: “There’s been a significant increase in youngsters learning to drive from a very young age.

“Getting behind-the-wheel as a junior with a trained instructor can be very beneficial as it gives them a head start, instilling confidence and teaching them good driving habits from the start.”

A young driver experience includes learning skills such as moving off, accelerating and braking, plus road position and sign recognition, while for more advanced youngsters there is also the chance to practice skills like reverse parking.

Alex added: “Young driver experiences are available for children as young as 10, meaning they could have seven years of practice under their belt by the time they come to take their driving test for real.

“Each experience is tailored to suit the ability of the individual young driver and includes practising on a replica road system including roundabouts, junctions and road signs. It’s as close to driving on the road as possible and a great foundation to hone their driving skills.”

15 April 2020

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