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Dodge Driving Experiences

Book a Dodge Viper, Dodge Challenger or Dodge Charger driving experience as a gift voucher, and see what these incredible American muscle cars can do. The Dodge Viper is the most well know muscle car produced by Dodge and as far as American muscle driving experiences go, the Viper is highly recommended. More recently, though,  we now offer experiences in the Charger which appeared as General Lee in the Dukes of Hazard movie, as well as 'Dom's Charger' in The Fast and the Furious. The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is also now available.
Dodge Driving Experiences
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Top Dodge Driving Experiences Near Me

Dodge Viper SRT VX Thrill Driving Experience - 12 Laps
An opportunity for a driving experience in the latest evolution of the Dodge Viper, the VX SRT. This high-powered American supercar packs 640 bhp and ...
£198.00    £99.00
Dodge 'General Lee' Charger
The Dodge Charger is a classic American muscle car we like to call "General Lee", our little homage to the signature car from the iconic 70s TV show, ...
Dodge Charger Police Car Thrill - 12 Laps
The Charger V8 is American muscle, but not as you know it. The heavily modified Dodge is the fastest car ever to serve in the United States police, d ...
£178.00    £89.00
Dodge Charger R/T
Do it like Dom in the original 'The Fast and the Furious' and take control of the beast that is the 1970 Dodge Charger R/T, harnessing the 425 bhp fr ...
Dodge Charger Police Interceptor - 8 Laps
The Charger V8 is American muscle, but not as you know it. The heavily modified Dodge is the fastest car ever to serve in the United States police, d ...
£138.00    £69.00
Dodge Hellcat
The word powerful is synonymous with the Dodge brand, but this Fast & Furious liveried Dodge Hellcat takes that to a whole new level. The supercharge ...
Father's Day Parent and Child Supercar Special
We have a delightful supercar experience for dads and their sons or daughters for Father's Day this year to book for a limited time at our widest sel ...
£59.00    £49.00
Tesla P90d vs Dodge Viper SRT VX Experience - 12 Laps
Get the unique opportunity to drive both the present day and future of all American performance cars, as you have the chance to drive both the proud ...
£158.00    £79.00
Three Movie Car Blast with Mazda MX5 Passenger Ride
Are you interested in driving some of the most iconic cars from the big screen? Our new Movie Car Blast package offers you exactly that! You'll get t ...
Drive a Dodge Challenger SRT8
Drive a Dodge Challenger SRT8 for 3 miles at a venue near you! We have 15 venues available for you to drive this awesome American Muscle Car and the ...
US Police Dodge Charger V8
The Dodge Charger V8 Cop car is sure to get your adrenaline pumping with its massive 5.7 litre Hemi V8 engine that produces 380bhp. This american cop ...
£49.00    £35.00
Five Lap Secret Supercar Forza Driving Experience
This Secret All-Star Supercar driving experience is the perfect stocking filler for Christmas. It gives the recipient the chance to drive one superca ...
£38.00    £19.00
Triple No Licence Car Thrill with High Speed Passenger Ride
Our brand new Triple No Licence Car driving day package will provide all the thrills - and none of the worry, as if you have no driving licence or ev ...
£229.00    £199.00
Triple No Licence Car Drive with High Speed Passenger Ride
Are there cars you're dreaming of getting behind the wheel of even though you've got no driving licence yet? No worries! Our new Triple No Licence Ca ...
£119.00    £109.00
Double No Licence Car Thrill with High Speed Passenger Ride
Get ready to enjoy double the cars and double the driving time in our all new Double No Licence Car Driving Experience day that's sure to provide all ...
£179.00    £129.00
Double No Licence Car Drive with High Speed Passenger Ride
If you're yet to obtain your driving licence, or you've just got your provisional licence, then our brand new Double No Licence Car Blast driving day ...
£79.00    £69.00
No Licence Car Thrill with High Speed Passenger Ride
Those who are yet to obtain their driving licence or who have a provisional licence needn't miss out on the excitement of a driving day with this all ...
£119.00    £79.00
No Licence Car Drive with High Speed Passenger Ride
No driving licence yet? No problem. Our all new No Licence Car Blast experience offers the incredible opportunity to drive your pick from our widest ...
£59.00    £49.00
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Your Dodge Driving Experience

Whether you are looking for a ride in the furious Dodge Viper; the iconic Dodge Challenger; or the brutal Dodge Charger - we have the driving experience for you.

Let's start with the best - there are few vehicles (or people for that matter) more threatening than Dominic Toretto's 1970 Dodge Charger with the growling supercharger blowing out of the hood. We offer a 3 mile blast in this car at multiple locations all over the UK - check out Dodge Charger R/T Blast and get behind the wheel of a supercharged Dodge Charger- just watch out for trains and Toyota Supras.

Staying with the movie theme - try your hand in General Lee's 1969 Dodge Charger from Dukes of Hazzard. With 3 miles in the 580BHP beast we are sure that you will have an incredible time.

The Dodge Viper Experiences that we offer let you experience what is arguably one of the greatest track cars ever made - with 3 or 6 mile packages available across the UK. The Dodge Viper has dominated the racetracks for four decades and now stands at an astonishing 640BHP. You may not know that the Dodge SRT (Dodge Street racing and Technology) was previously the Chrysler Performance Vehicle Operations; which itself was originally known as The Viper Team! The Dodge team really have an exhaustive amount of experience - and that's why we love them so much.

Finish this off with a Dodge Challenger Experience - incredibly iconic with versions of this car still in modern production and yet it has all the style of the 70s muscle cars. The Dodge Challenger; Dodge Challenger Hellcat; and Dodge Demon - are some of the most powerful cars in the World and are certainly the most relevant in performance production. Take a Challenger on a 3 mile blast with Driving

Book a Dodge Driving Experience

There are two easy ways for you to purchase a Dodge Driving Experience. You can either purchase one of our driving experience days as a 10-month gift voucher or book directly onto a date of your choice.

If you cannot see any dates on the voucher page, then simply e-mail or call us and our customer service team can give you the most up to date availability.

If you buy an open gift voucher for a Dodge package, the standard validity period to use the voucher is 10 months. However, please make sure you check this first, as some Dodge vouchers and special offers may have a shorter or longer validity.

If you are booking directly onto a date for a driving experience, please note that you are making a booking request, and the date and time that you choose will still be subject to availability.

We usually confirm bookings within 48 hours, but we ask that you do not make any arrangements in conjunction with your booking request until you have received your final confirmation email. The receipt we send you after making a booking request is not your confirmation.

Other important things to consider when purchasing driving experiences for the extremely powerful Dodge muscle cars is that the driver meets all requirements in terms of age, weight, height and driving licence. These requirements are unique to each driving experience, so please ensure you have read the important information thoroughly.

If an experience is for junior drivers only, we will usually mention this in the name of the package, but not in all cases. If you place a booking for a driving experience, and the driver doesn’t meet the requirements on the day, then it is unlikely they will be able to drive the vehicle, in which case they will be offered a passenger ride. Just to be sure - why not check out our full list of junior driving experiences.

Dodge SRT

Dodge SRT is run by racers - enough said. They are responsible for some of the World's most powerful cars.

Dodge's Street and Racing Technology division has been responsible for some of the World's craziest production cars. Dodge SRT have consistently made it clear that they stand for speed and noise - MUSCLE. We have come a long way since the Dodge Neon SRT4 started it all - built by Chryslers PVO (Performance Vehicle Operations) team who eventually turned into the Dodge SRT team.

The Viper in 2003 featured SRT branding and the radical 10 cylinder engine making 500BHP. The team at SRT thought it was a waste that this amazing engine was only living inside one of their vehicles and so SRT began systematically throwing immensely powerful engines into everything. Dropping this V10 into a TRUCK because it couldn't fit in anything else; adding a hood scoop and spoiler; SRT turned the inherently not performance based RAM into a performance truck making 0-60 in 5.3 seconds. Then they put a supercharged V6 making 330BHP into the Chrysler Crossfire - the Crossfire SRT6. SRT then swapped the entire drive train in the Jeep Cherokee for a 6.1Litre Hemi V8 making 420BHP. At the same time SRT were hopping up many other models - Magnum; 300c; Caliber; Challenger; and Charger.

Now those last two have become instantly recognisable in the muscle car World.

More recently there was a sort of horsepower arms race between Ford and Dodge SRT - Dodge had begun working on the new Challenger and wanted it to be the undisputed ruler of the BHP kingdom by aiming it at 600BHP. However - during development they found out that Fords new Shelby GT500 was going to release with 660BHP. SRT were not going to go down that easily and secretly - yes genuinely without telling the upper management at Dodge - made sure that the Challenger got to 707BHP. This made it the most powerful car available in the US by far. In 2015 the Hellcat Twins were released and they were unapologetically a statement about POWER. This has ensured that Dodge SRT sit at the pinnacle of this game - and if that wasn't enough - they went one step further with the Dodge Demon at 840BHP.

Dodge SRT are responsible for creating the most powerful V8 in a production car in the World - the kind of car that has an optional passenger seat - and a one dollar extra Demon Box equipped with extra thin drag race specialised skinny front tyres they can't legally put on the car for you; a jack to lift the car up; an impact wrench to take the wheels off; and a torque wrench to put them back on. They want you to drag race their cars so badly they basically give you free drag gear.

They can be trusted to provide vehicles capable of thrilling driving experiences - and we have just that for you.


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