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McLaren: the best driving experience supercar there is

McLaren: the best driving experience supercar there is - News

Whilst Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche are usually the supercars that get all the adulation and plaudits regardless of when or where they drop a new model, McLaren is equally emerging as a name to be reckoned with.

Not least following the recent news that they are the latest marque to be in development of a new hybrid powered V6 engine supercar, which as we write this, is currently in its final testing stages at their Composites Technology Centre just outside Sheffield, ahead of its early 2021 launch.

There’s a lot to be said for a driving day in a McLaren, of which Driving Experience offers numerous package options at venues and locations up and down the UK. Not least because their roots in the world of motorsport - particularly Formula 1 - have always put their models at the forefront of some of the most fine tuned automotive engineering and technology around.

In fact, you’ll find when you take to the wheel of their many models on offer - whether it’s the super sporty 720S, or its a younger but equally mighty brother the 570S, or even the high end MP4 12c, that the comfort, handling, power and precision of these British built performance cars more than gives some of its worldwide comrades a run for their money.

One of the MP4 12c models in our fleet that’s available at our Bovingdon Airfield venue in Hertfordshire has had special GT3 race track modifications, and once you take it out for our special 14 Lap package exclusive to this venue, you’ll see just what it’s capable of achieving.

Our range of McLaren 570S Blast (3 mile) and Thrill (6 mile) packages, available for both Adult and Junior drivers (aged 10 and up) at a range of locations, including Dunsfold Park in Surrey - a short drive from McLaren’s own back yard of their main HQ in Woking - also come with a High Speed Passenger Ride included to round off an unforgettable supercar day in style.

Fancy pitting the premium MP4 12c against other exclusive supercars like the Aston Martin DB9 and Lamborghini Huracan? Our range of Platinum Supercar Blast and Thrill packages, available at great locations like Smeatharpe Circuit in Exeter and St Andrews Circuit in Scotland, will let you drive McLaren’s most top spec model and up to three others of your choosing on our Combined Experiences.

With a promising next 12 months ahead of them, we’ve no doubt that McLaren are on track to keep producing amazing new supercars to our driving days of the future here on Driving Experience. To book some driving time in their cars of today via available dates and gift vouchers, head to our dedicated McLaren page now!

16 October 2020

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