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Classics calling… a blast from the past beating EV driving experiences

Classics calling… a blast from the past beating EV driving experiences - News

  • Recent interest in classic car experiences proving more popular than electric vehicle experiences, reports
  • Website traffic for classic cars stronger than that for Tesla EV
  • Iconic models such as the AC Cobra, Ford GT, Jaguar E-Type and Mini Cooper S can be driven at locations across the UK

More and more motorists seeking a nostalgic thrill are looking to drive some of the most iconic classic vehicles from a golden era of motoring rather than electric vehicles.

In fact, recent booking data from Driving Experience shows that in recent months, we have received more traffic through its Classic Car landing page compared to its Tesla page.

Alex MacGregor at said: “While modern electric vehicles offer all the bells and whistles to enhance performance, it is the stripped back basic controls of a classic that is now enticing drivers to experience fine motoring.”

“Indeed, despite the increased popularity in electric vehicles among motorists on the open road, with record sales in the UK in 2020, the desire to enjoy a classic car, whether that’s around a circuit or for a full day hire, is as strong as ever.”

“So much so that there has recently been a spike in interest in classic car experiences, which are proving to be more desirable than a high powered blast on the circuit with an all electric Tesla.”

Meanwhile, the dream of actually owning a classic car does not always come cheap, with some now costing astronomical prices given their retention of value over time.

Models such as the Ford Escort Mk 1 have even fetched more than £200,000 at recent auctions, making a driving experience an attractive, and realistic, alternative to enjoy nostalgic motoring.

Alex added: “It would appear that as the future of driving is shifting drastically to electric vehicles for everyday driving, classic cars are more than holding their own on the track.

“These classic car experiences may be the only way many of us can enjoy driving in its purest form in the future, and for a much more affordable price.”

Classic car experiences with offer a wide variety of classic cars to drive, from the iconic Mini Cooper S to a boastful Ford Mustang GT500. There’s also the opportunity to enjoy a classic for even longer, sometimes a whole day, with a road tour experience

27 January 2021

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